Cornerstone International Group Launches ‘Women On Boards’ Division

Cornerstone International Group has launched a new division: “Women on Boards” to reinforce the presence of women on international boards of directors.

Across Europe, only 10% of board directors of the largest companies are female (quotas have made Norway the exception, with more than 40%). Spain is even lower—only 8%. This is all the more surprising given the substantial evidence that better gender balance has a positive impact on performance. Studies by Catalyst and McKinsey in the US and Europe have found a correlation between the number of women in a company’s leadership and the company’s profitability.

With this in mind, Cornerstone International Group has launched the new division, “Women on Boards.” To lead this new division will be Eva Levy who was previously Chairman of the FEDEPE (the Spanish Federation of Female Executives and Entrepreneurs) and is now a consultant at ExcellentSearch (Cornerstone Madrid).

According to Eva Levy, “this is a pioneer business extension for Cornerstone in Europe and around the world.”

William Guy, Worldwide Chairman & CEO of Cornerstone International Group, explains: “This division will provide a service for companies that want to achieve balance and diversity, factors that guarantee the company’s proper management.”