ExcellentSearch’s Women on the board division

The ex-president of the Spanish Federation of Women Entrepreneurs, Executives and Directors and an expert in Marketing and Communication has just been taken on by the HR Consulting Firm ExcellentSearch, with the goal of creating a division specialized in placing women in Board-level and Executive positions, a pioneer business line in Spain with a great future in our country.

Women on the Board

According to Elena Terol, President and Founder of ExcellentSearch:

This division will provide a service for companies that want to achieve balance and diversity, factors that guarantee the company’s proper management.

At the moment, defined by globalization and recession, it is essential for Boards of Directors and Advisory Panels to be vigilant and alert as well as sensitive to the changes and demands of a turbulent business environment.

The new Women on Board division that ExcellentSearch is launching strives to give an opportunity to those professionals who have a high level of competency and are able to make a valuable contribution thanks to their professional values while simultaneously fostering diversity, necessities for business in this day and age.

The current economic crisis has made it apparent that those companies with more women on their Boards of Directors are better equipped to meet the demands of the future.

Currently, and not solely due to legal requirements, more and more women have been appointed to positions on Boards of Directors, reaching 8% representation in IBEX 35 companies.  This figure does not represent and does not answer to the genuine potential of women in the business world, but it is a step forward and a model that ambitious and innovative companies should seek to encourage.